The ECP City Initiative includes two integral components:

1. The eco-city initiative: guided by the U.S. - China Eco-City Partnership led by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development (MOHURD), ECP memcos across the Energy Efficient Building and Design, Clean Coal, Clean Transportation and Fuel, Decentralized Energy & Combined Cooling, Heat and Power, Industrial Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy Working Groups jointly supply a defined portfolio of green energy and energy efficiency technologies and services suitable for deployment in a mix of Chinese cities that meet the urban development need of China defined in national policies by the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), MOHURD, Ministry of Communications (MOC), National Energy Administration (NEA), and the provincial and local governments;

2. Energy smart solutions: originated from the U.S. - China Green Data Center Industrial Cooperation Initiaitive, the Energy Smart Solutions aims to provide IT-driven green technologies in industrial and business processes and other aspects of city life focusing on energy utilization and efficiency. Piloted through the green data center activities, a long-term roadmap includes bilateral government endorsed industry-to-industry exchange on design and implementation of industry development plan mandated by the Chinese government, e.g. the Green Data Center Imeplementation Work Plan by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), technology-based demonstrative projects supported by one or a group of ECP member companies in collaboration with Chinese companies and institutions.

ECO city program

Consolidation of eco-city related technologies and services: 1) memcos nominate a continuum of technologies and products and/or their examples to develop an ECP Eco-City Best Practice Portfolio as a reference for policy planners, city developers and customers in urban and rural development projects; and 2) based on those examples, memcos with engineering and modeling expertise in possible partnership with third parties develop of a metrics based on policy, technology, carbon measurement and cost indicators to define the ECP eco-city solution package for city planning, operations, financing and management.

Commercial outreach: the outreach to local governments and developmers will be delivered through the following channels: 1) ECP-led trade missions to Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Xinjiang and Hebei; 2) DOE-MOHURD Eco-City Partnership progress and project outcomes review visits to the six cities in Shandong, Anhui, Henan and Hebei; 3) Visits to industrial parks nominated by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) Investment Promotion Agency; 4) Beijing Mentougou District Low Carbon Model Town led by the NEA; 5) Workshops in specific city development technical areas, incluidng city financing, etc.

Mayors training programs: ECP eco-city initiative is providing site visit and technical agenda design in support of 1) memco China-based projects for Chinese mayors' domestic eco-city training tours sponsored by MOHURD (10 memco case projects nominated for each of Beijing and Shanghai), 2) U.S. training tours for Chinese mayors, and 3) DOE led U.S. mayor eco-city tours in China together with Chinese mayors.

Chinese eco-city needs assessment feasibility study: ECP memcos will apply analytical tools for eco-/low-carbon city planning, construction, financing, operations, management to define market demand and supply based on 1) regulatory and policy planning parameters and 2) technology portfolio ECP memcos represent. The feasibility will also be demonstrative tool as an urban development tool for regulators and market analysis tool for business.

Building retrofit series roundtables or research project: ECP memcos will work with leading research institutes to participate and support China building retrofit standard/policy development work.

Energy Smart Solutions

U.S.-China green data center industrial cooperation initiative: a five-year partnership framework is developed between ECP and the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) to 1) develop technical guidelines and best practice portfolio, 2) develop incentive plan, business model, monitoring and evaluation method and system, 3) conduct energy saving demonstration projects, and 4) support bilateral capacity building through establishing an expert committee, training programs, certificate training and tudy tours.

U.S.-China Green Data Center Industry Kick-Off Workshop: 1) annoucement / kick-off of the industrial cooperation initiative with bilateral government endorsement; 2) technical discussions on energy utilization status and industrial trend of data center, design and operations, energy efficiency technology for IT equipment and products, and implications of smart system.

Workshop to support the Guangzhou Super Computing Center Natural Gas Distributed Power Generation Station: technical discussions regarding energy efficiency monitoring and management, and energy saving in support of the services and products provided by ECP memcos for the computing center as a demonstration project for MIIT-recognized green data center guidelines and standards.

Green data center demonstration projects: as MIIT plans to support 10 demonstration projects, ECP memcos will 1) nominate current projects serviced by memcos and 2) develop additional demo projects as pilot projects in support of MIIT's development of green data center and related smart solution guidelines and standards.

Green data center study tour: According to MIIT's proposal, the green data center initiative participating memcos will support a reversed trade mission for Chinese officials and buyers to get exposure on green data center guideline development and demonstration projects related technologies and solutions. Support will include provision of site visits, training programs, etc. This study tour will be carried out in one reversed trade mission also to cover other MIIT-proposed technology areas.

Consolidation of energy smart solutions value chain: based on but beyond the scope of green data center solutions, memcos will consolidate a smart solutions value chain focused on energy efficiency management applied in residential, business and industrial settings, and then develop a long-term roadmap for future activities.