ECP "US China DECHP Initiative" New Chapter, Shandong

Released Time: 2015-11-02

On Oct. 27, 2015, together with MOFCOM-FDI, Commercial Service of the US Embassy, USDOE China office, Shandong Department of Commerce and Qingdao Bureau of Commerce, ECP successfully organized a US China (Shandong) DECHP workshop in Qingdao City.  

It attracted over 200 governmental and industrial leaders: government officials, industry experts and leaders from both US and China.  Mr. Jay Biggs, the commercial officer of Commercial Service of US Embassy, Ms. Helena Fu, the director of the US Department of Energy China Office, Mr. Zhang Yuzhong, Deputy Director General of MOFCOM-FDI and officials and industry leaders from Shandong and Qingdao joined the workshop.  

US and Chinese research and industry experts from leading research institutes, ECP member companies and Chinese companies presented detailed reports regarding decentralized energy & CHP policy, solution and projects. Topics covered during the workshop: US DECHP experience including keys to success & lessons learned, China DECHP development overview and outlook, Shandong DECHP Policy and Development, Qingdao City Clean Energy Heating Policy Introduction, Shandong DECHP Development Opportunity and Challenges.

ECP member companies, Cummins, NuCloud, GE, Caterpillar, and Johnson Controls made presentations on their DECHP related solution and shared their successful experiences and lesson learned regarding decentralized energy development and suggestions to promote DECHP development in Shandong.


ECP DECHPWG (Decentralized Energy &Combined Heating Power Working Group) have been actively promoted/supported the bilateral cooperation between US and China in areas of decentralized energy’s key technology and equipment through providing technical support and assistance. 


In 2015, ECP/DECHPWG member companies initiated and launched a “US-China DECHP Initiative” which is a series of activities and focuses on key related issues to promote the development of DECHP sector at both the central and regional level: natural gas based DECHP, renewable DE like solar to energy or waste to energy (optional solutions for regions/areas without rich natural gas resources or high price gas regions), and smart grid. This ECP DECHP initiative targeted several provinces/regions: Shanxi Province, Shandong Province, Shaanxi Province, Ningxia province, Sichuan Province, Yunnan Province, Hebei Province, Inner Mongolia and some first tier cities with promoting DECHP policy.

Shandong workshop is the second stop under the ECP “US-China DECHP initiative” and received quite positive feedback from the audience.  This workshop will facilitate more solid commercial project base cooperation in DECHP sector between US and Shandong stakeholders.  It will definitely support the bilateral climate change agenda and energy efficiency cooperation. 

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