2014 China-U.S. Clean Energy Workshop in ShanXi

Released Time: 2014-09-30

2014 China-U.S. Clean Energy Workshop was held in Taiyuan, Shanxi on Sep 15th. This workshop was co-sponsored by China Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy, Shanxi Provincial People's Government and the Government of West Virginia United States, more than 200 people from government, enterprise and research department attended this meeting. Gao Jianmin , provincial committee and deputy governor, Julio Fridman, U.S. Department of Energy Deputy Assistant Secretary, Zhang Yuqing , deputy director of China's National Energy Bureau and Zhang Yuzhuo, chairman of Shenhua Group delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Shanxi governor Li Xiaopeng has been met honored guests and corporate with enthusiasm the day before the meeting,

China-U.S. Clean Energy Workshop started at 2004 and it last for fifth workshop.  As the largest and biggest energy consuming and producing global powers, China and U.S. have the same challenge on ensuring energy sustainable development and savings, the topic of this workshop is to meet the challenge and strength corporation. At present, China and U.S. have carried out grateful cooperation on clean energy sector.

This workshop lasted 2 days. On Sep 15, representatives had a discussion on the topic “pollution control and utilization of CO2”, “development and challenge on coal conversion technology” and “advance electricity system”. On Sep16, representatives focused on low-carbon development/clean energy effective usage/control for pollution emission/demo and technology for emission reduction and etc. ECP as a government-enterprise platform aiming to promote corporation on Sino-U.S. clean energy field co-hosted by Sino-U.S. government, organized 10 member companies to attend this workshop.Will Latta, the managing director of LP Amina introduced its poly-generation technology on coal fired power plant and the progress of its projects in both China and U.S. James Jones, commercial development vice president of Celanese, gave a speech on exploiting for coal-to-ethanol. Ray Zhang, principle consultant from Calera, share a solution of building materials to achieve commercial viable carbon capture for low carbon and recycling economy. Fan Jingnian, principle consultant from Birtley, shared the information on utilization of slime and sludge on resource-based cities. XXXX, from GE introduced its gas fired generation technology solution and experience. Besides, ECP member companies inclusive of Dow Checmical, UOP, Cummins and Lanzatech attended the workshop.  This workshop also got great support from Government of Shanxi province and promoted the communication and corporation in clean energy.

At the same time, ECP and some member companies such as Cummins, GE, Calera and Birtley have a successful meeting with Shanxi NDRC. The meeting was held by Cheng Zeye , deputy director of Shanxi NDRC, other leaders from industry, energy, resources and environment, new energy, foreign investment and other department of NDRC attended the meeting. Also, leaders from Shanxi Investment Consulting & Development Planning Institute attended too. Based on Shanxi 13th Five Year Plan which is focus on energy planning, coal bed methane utilization, green cities and other topics for the exchange and sharing, both parties reached a preliminary cooperation intention and made a solid foundation for the further bilateral cooperation.

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