The ECP Nuclear Safety Initiative will be led by the memcos of the ECP Nuclear Power Working Group with support of DOE, DOC, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and nuclear industry organizations and frameworks, e.g. the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, and the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation to:

1. Engage with key Chinese nuclear energy regulatory agencies including the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA), China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA), and the NEA, Chinese nuclear developers, operators, design institutes, suppliers and industry groups to define a common framework of the nuclear safety discussion for the nuclear industry development in China;

2. Share the American experience of nuclear safety technology development and deployment and lessons learned, and demonstrate the benefits of systematic cross-industrial transparency through participation in different support mechanisms, and introduce memco-owned technology and service based best practice cases related to the current and planned future tasks implemented by Chinese nuclear companies;

3. Continue to support commercial and trade advocacy for key projects and market entry efforts of NPWG memcos related to nuclear safety technologies through engagement with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and other government stakeholders at both central and provincial levels.

Nuclear safety workshop series

Introduction of membership of the nuclear energy industry organizations: a workshop to introduce the membership and purposes of nuclear energy industry organizations and platforms, e.g. INPO, INMM and IFNEC, etc., and to share experience from individual memcos on their memberships under these cross-industry mechanism in support of their business activities in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Discussion of benefits of systematic cross-industry transparency and coordination: a workshop focusing on in-depth discussion on the technological and commercial benefits of cross-industry transparency and coordination for projects in China through these systemic industrial support mechanisms, and encourage the Chinese counterparts to share their perspectives.

Discussion on the leadership of industry on nuclear safety: a workshop to discuss the public-private partnership driven the technological leadership of the industry in developing and ensuring nuclear safety with support of related government agencies. Share experiences and lessons learned on nuclear safety technology innovation and deployment represented by NPWG memcos, their Chinese counterparts and others. An outcome of the three-step discussion is expected to define a roadmap for bilateral industry collaboration on specific tasks and projects for a future period of time.

Commercial advocacy for nuclear safety technology-based projects

Follow-up on progress of memco projects and market entry efforts: a discussion to emphasize the benefits for China to access nuclear safety technologies through civil nuclear technology trade, technology-based foreign direct investment projects to China and sensible localization programs with the Chinese nuclear energy trade regulators including MOFCOM, NNSA, CAEA and NEA.