发布时间: 2012-12-09

China Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Association (CIODPA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ECP’s Energy Financing and Investment WG (EFI WG) to jointly cooperate initiatives that expand opportunities for US-China collaboration in clean energy investment in the US and other international markets. Supervised by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), CIODPA’s mission is to actively promote China’s strategy to invest overseas, and to serve as a bridge between the Chinese government and overseas industries.

The MOU was signed during the December 3, 2012 meeting of the CIODPA-organized China Overseas Investment Fair. Former NDRC vice chairman and National Energy Administration Director Zhang Guobao, who is the current CIODPA President, witnessed the agreement with ECP Management Board Executive Committee member co-chair Peng Ningke – vice president of Dow Chemical Greater China , and EFI WG co-chairs Duke Energy and Baker Botts.

Under the MOU, the EFI WG will work with CIODPA to establish a communication channel with ECP members and other key stakeholders to improve cooperation on Chinese investment in the energy sectors. EFI WG and CIODPA will also implement activities that provide both Chinese and US executives decision-making tools that facilitate energy investment partnerships.

In addition to the MOU signing, EFI members served as panelists at the China Overseas Investment Fair session on international energy investment. EFI WG co-chairs Duke Energy and Baker Botts on behalf of members LP Amina and Westinghouse presented case studies on successful investment partnerships and prospective deals currently seeking Chinese investors. The session had an audience of over 200 Chinese investors and Chinese officials, who included CIODPA President Zhang Guobao as well as NEA Deputy Administrator Wu Yin and Zhao Jianping of China Development Bank.

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