美国 - 中国能源合作项目(ECP)和中国电子学会(CIE)联合推出美中中国绿色数据中心工业倡议

发布时间: 2013-11-20

On November 20, 2013, with support of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), the U.S.-China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP) and Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) jointly launched the U.S.-China Green Data Center Industry Partnership at the US China Green Data Center Workshop at the Xiyuan Hotel in Beijing.

The key related issues of the development of the energy efficient/green data center sector, which includes: market, needs, opportunities, challenges, technology solutions and best practices, evaluation methods and etc, have been addressed and discussed at the workshop.

At the workshop, the two sides on behalf of the participating U.S. and Chinese industries, signed aMEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING For Cooperation on Green Data Center to promote US-China Industry cooperation in China’s green data center sector. Senior officials from the Department of Energy Efficiency and Resources Utilization of MIIT, USTDA, Foreign Commercial Service and the U.S. Department of Energy China Office of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing witnessed the signing ceremony. Industry experts from Intel, UTC, Caterpillar, Cisco, Emerson, Fuxing Xiaocheng, NewCloud, Neusoft, Huawei, Inspur, ZTE attended the workshop.

The three-year joint program between ECP and CIE aims to provide valuable reference and living best practices for green data center development in China through deeply cooperation between both US and China industries. Specifically, these include:

1. Green data center technical guideline, technology catalogue, and green data center best practice portfolio.
2. Green data center related incentive plan, business model, monitoring and evaluation method and system and etc.
3. Green data center energy saving demonstration projects, needs assessment, and industry entry study etc.
4. Capacity building: green data center expert committee establishment, practical training, and certificate training and study tour.

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