发布时间: 2013-07-01

With strong support from both the US and Chinese governments, the US-China Energy Cooperation Program has launched the Shale Gas Working Group (SHG WG). The mission of SHGWG is to:

• Support the Chinese government’s objectives in the development of the shale gas industry through collaborative demonstrative projects in the drilling, storage, transportation and utilization of shale gas in both China and the US;

• Identify potential pilot shale gas development projects in China for study and use the findings for analyses and exchanges with the key Chinese stakeholders in order to improve the regulatory environment; and

• Facilitate communication and exchange with Chinese policymakers on key industry policy drivers–including economics, financial incentives, and investment requirements.

Current members include: AECOM, Baker Botts, Caterpillar, Celanese, Chemtura, Dow Chemicals, GE, Honeywell, ICF and Peabody, with GE serving as the interim co-chair. The 10 members represent expertise throughout the shale gas industry value chain – from feasibility analysis, investment advisory, planning & engineering design, products and solutions for shale gas exploration, development and utilization (Please see the link of SHGWG value chain here:). /WorkingGroups/ShaleGas.aspx

For 2013, the SHGWG’s business development objectives include:

• Support the National Energy Administration and US Trade Development Agency’s shale gas technical trainings under the US-China Shale Gas Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding. 

• Initiate a feasibility study and demonstrative project for new technology application in China.

In addition to the US Department of Energy, US Department of Commerce, US Trade Development Agency, the SHGWG has been working closely with the National Energy Administration’s Oil and Natural Gas Department to implement these initiatives. The WG has also recently met with PetroChina’s Unconventional Oil and Gas department to explore collaborative projects.

SHGWG welcomes new members – specifically oil and gas and oil and gas service companies. Interested companies please contact Wendi Tao – Senior Program Officer at

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